In the spring of 2016, the formation of the Westside Falcons Youth Flag League took place. Two Executive members of an eighteen-year-old regional tackle football program had retired from their program. Through discussions over the next few months with the two members and representatives of the Atlanta Falcons and Arthur M. Blank Foundation, the creation of a new NFL Flag Football League was founded for the children of the Westside District.

In 2016 the organization worked closely with the Bellwood Salvation Army to put together four teams of varying ages with 43 children from that location. Since then, the 2018 season had seen a growth of over 630 players with 57 teams in four age categories covering not only the Westside but growth into the Eastside as well.

Today, the Westside Falcons Youth Flag League is expecting more growth within the Westside but with supporters such as Grady Hospital, BSN Sports, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, there are endless possibilities of the number of children that will be invested in through the game of NFL Flag Football with the Westside Falcons League.